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Statistics by Matomo – in 4 Simple steps

We recommend using Matomo to get GDPR-compliant analytics and statistics

Matomo + Streamio = The GDPR-safe choice

Matomo is a Google Analytics option that protects your data and your customers’ identity. Personal privacy, data protection are important for Rackfish, the company behind Streamio, if it’s important to you and your organization, we recommend the use of GDPR-compliant Streamio together with GDPR-compliant Matomo as an analytics tool.

Link your Streamio videos to your Matomo account – 4 simple steps

You can connect the players you created in Streamio to your Matomo account and thus access more statistics through all of Matomo’s features.

The link between your player and your Matomo account only needs to be made once per player. Here’s how to do it, step by step:

  1. Sign in to Streamio
  2. Go to “LIBRARY”, select the “Players” tab, and click on the player you want to use
    Picture of Library setting where Player menu is open
  3. Inside your player, click on “Statistics – Google Analytics, Matomo” in the lower right

    Showing option to enter links in
    Statistics – Google Analytics, Matomo


  4. Fill in information from your Matomo account in the fields:
    • In the “SERVICE URL” field, type or paste the URL that your Matomo server is located on. It should look like this: “” where “xxx” is your organization, and “yyy” is the top-level domain of your Matomo server.
    • Site ID” simply type the ID of the instance where you want to track the statistics around the player. To find your Site ID, enter Matomo, where you click on the gear located at the top right, then click on “Websites”, under that you will find the menu selection “Manage”. There you will find your “ID”, which you enter in the Streamio platform in the field “Site ID“.
    • In the “Title” field, type which title you want to use for all videos that use the player, leave blank and the respective video title will be used.

Note that you are not bound to only one connection to Matomo. For each player, you have the option to create a new Matomo link or enter a new Google Analytics Web Property ID.

Streamio offers several options for seeing your statistics.


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