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Automatic publishing/unpublishing

Automatic Publish

First of all sign in your Streamio account and follow this guide step by step.

If you wish to publish and/or unpublish a video at a specific date and time, you can go to the “Automatic publishing” tab for the video in question.

automatic publishing

Here you can choose the date and time of publication/unpublishing and select an image that will be displayed when the video is not published.

You can tap the image icon in the lower-right corner to select an image from your image library.

Tap the binoculars to see a larger version of the image.

Press the spin arrow in the upper left corner to remove the selected image – you will now get a “404, the page does not exist” instead of the image.


If you need more help that you can’t find in our Support section, you can always reach out and contact us!


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