Subtitle videos with Subtitle Edit Online

How can I use Subtitle Edit Online with Streamio?

A quick and easy way to subtitle videos is via the “Subtitle Edit Online” website, which you can find here:

Subtitle Edit is also available as a more powerful installable software, but Subtitle Edit Online goes a long way for simpler tasks.

Subtitle a video available on Streamio

In Streamio, open the video and click on the “Transcodings” tab. Select the lowest resolution (usually “Streamio HQ 360p” or “Streamio HQ 480p”), right-click on the download button (down arrow) and select “Copy link”.

In Subtitle Edit Online,, select “Video” in the menu and then “Open video from URL”. Paste the link from the previous step in the dialog box.

The video is now playing directly from Streamio.

Select the ‘Subtitle’ menu and choose ‘New’.

Go through the video and mark the appropriate intervals for the text. It is possible to fine-tune this later. Enter the desired subtitle and try it with “Play now”. Adjust the subtitles as needed.