Tags in Streamio facilitate the categorization of videos. You can benefit from it both when managing the video library and when publishing.

Use tags to categories and publish content

Working with tags in Streamio is something we recommend as it facilitates both categorization and publishing.

A video can have several different tags. You can choose tags when you upload the video for the first time, but you can also add (or remove) tags afterward. You do this in the library under the current video. If you want to remove a tag, click on the bin next to the tag’s name.

A video is automatically tagged with the user’s name when uploaded for the first time. However, this function can be turned off if you wish. You can find the setting under Account Settings/General.

When you record a live broadcast, it will always get a “Live” tag. If you want it to get additional tags, you can enter it under Library/Live and then the Recording options tab.

If you want all new uploaded videos to receive a specific tag, you can enter this under Account Settings/General.

In the video library, you can filter on tags, so it will be easy to e.g. find all the movies uploaded by Johan Olde.

Tags can also be used to make a selection when it comes to publishing. Easily create a channel and specify which tag (or tags) to use to easily set which videos the channel should feature.

An excellent example of effectively using tags is to tag all live broadcasts during a conference day with “Conference 2022”. Then make sure to start and stop the recording between each individual speaker and make a channel that automatically publishes all videos with the tag “Conference 2022”. Now you have a channel that shows the live stream and individual videos with each speaker that you can easily choose to watch afterward.