Internal statistics in Streamio

Internal statistics in Streamio

Built-in statistics in Streamio

In Streamio, you can publish video, audio files and podcasts as well as live stream, all in a simple and smooth way. Seeing statistics for how many people have watched/listened to your content is just as easy! Note that the internal statistics require the use of Streamio’s own players. If you use an external player, these views will not be reported in Streamio’s internal statistics. For those who require more advanced statistics, there’s a guide here on how to link to Google Analytics,and one here for how to link to Matomo, the GDPR-safe alternative to Google Analytics.

Statistics for the entire account

In the “ANALYTICS” section you will find clear and relevant statistics/analytics for your videos.

statistics video accounts

Here you can see statistics for both the entire account and for individual videos. Select the Account, Video or Live tab for each statistics section.

Account – Statistics for different channels

If you have posted videos to various social channels, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you will also see a complete and compiled statistics from each channel collected in one place.
Select for which time period you want to see aggregate statistics across your entire account. You choose from:
  • Last 24 hours – Past day
  • Last 7 days – Past week
  • Last 30 days – Last 30 days from today’s date
  • Current period – Current calendar month
  • Previous period – Previous calendar month
  • Date-month-year – The month before the previous calendar month
Note! If you want statistics that go further back in time, we recommend linking Google Analytics or Matomo to players.
During each time period, you will find information about:
  • Page views – The total number of pages you’ve published video to visited
  • Unique Visitors– Total number of times unique visitors viewed all pages you published video on
  • Screenings – Total number of times unique and non-unique visitors watched all your video
  • Viewing frequency– What percentage of total unique visitors on all pages that watched your video
  • Share – Each channel’s share of the total number of views
statistics video

Account statistics. Check off or on channels in the table below the chart to see the respective bars in the corresponding color.

Hover your mouse over a bar to see the viewing frequency of a single channel. Hover over each channel’s colored part of the bar to see information.

Video stats

In addition to the time period, under the Video tab, you can choose how you want to sort the list of videos. Choose between sorting the videos by:
  • Last created Video
  • Oldest video
  • Alphabetical order
  • Most viewed Video of the selected time period.
statistics movies
Select period, sorting, and filtering for videos
It is also possible to filter the selection by the specified tag, Select tag in the Filter by tag list. You can also perform a free text search for a specific movie
Note! Statistics are given at most for the two months preceding the current month. If you want statistics that go further back in time, we recommend linking Google Analytics or Matomo to players.
Videos all-time high
If you want to know which video is the most watched, regardless of your time period, you choose to sort your movies under Library – Videos by “Most Viewed.”
Detailed information
To get detailed information about a particular video, click anywhere on the video line.
As with your entire account, you can choose from which channels you want to see statistics. Similarly, information about:
  • Page Views
  • Unique Visitors
  • Screenings
  • Display Frequency
  • Share of the Respective Channel
If you want more detailed statistics about your videos and also get statistics further back in time, you can also link your video player to Google Analytics for event tracking.

Live stats

In real time, the statistics for your live streams are updated. Under the “Live” tab, you can see how many people are watching an active live stream, as well as go back three months in time to see statistics for previous live streams.

live streaming stats
The graph is updated automatically and can be separated by time and date. Below the graph, the number of page views with the player embedded is displayed, this applies to both views on pages where you have embedded iframe code, visits to the card link player or visits to Play channels that show the live stream.
Here we also see a summary of the number of starts, which may differ from the graph when the graph shows the number of concurrent viewers while the number of starts shows the number of total video starts.