Publish video on LinkedIn

How do I publish a video on LinkedIn?

Publishing a video on LinkedIn is done from the ”Publish” section of any given video.
1) In the Video Library, Click the title of the movie you wish to publish on LinkedIn.
2) Scroll down to the ”Publish” section and click the LinkedIn icon.
3) If you are not already logged in on LinkedIn, you will required to login. Then select how/where you wish to publish your video – as an update in your activity feed, to a group or to a specific individual.
You can then write a brief text for your update – the title, description and link to the movie will be automatically attached to/embedded with the update.
4) Click on ”Publish” and the update will immediately be posted on LinkedIn, with a link to your video.
As soon as your video has been viewed once, a ”LinkedIn” tag will be created for you to indicate that this video has been posted on LinkedIn. This way, it will be easy for you to filter your video library and see which videos have been published to LinkedIn.
IMPORTANT NOTICE! When you publish/embed a video on LinkedIn, the video file will not be sent or transferred to LinkedIn – it will remain hosted and distributed by Streamio.  This way, we can provide you with accurate data and analytics from LinkedIn (and any other channels/social networks you may have published your video on) in Streamio’s Video Analytics section.