Publish video to zendesk guide

How to publish your Streamio movies to Zendesk

You only need to update your account’s settings in Zendesk and then add the embed code for the video you want to publish. The video below will guide you through all the steps.

In order for Zendesk to allow you to enter the player code, you need to make a setting. This only needs to be done once:

  1. Click “Guide Admin”
  2. Click on the gear to enter the settings
  3. Under “Guide settings” and under “Security”, tick “Display unsafe content”
  4. Click “Update”

The warning that it enables malware to be executed only applies if an administrator of yours publishes a page and adds malware. Streamio’s code is not malicious and thus completely safe to use!

Once done the above, just switch to source code mode and paste Streamio’s embed code for the video you want to publish.

To customize the size of the movie you’re posting, or report views and other statistics to a specific Google Analytics account or a Matomo account, you need to create a custom player in Streamio.