Publish video from Streamio to Zendesk Guide

If you are using Zendesk and want to publish your Streamio videos to Zendesk Guide, follow this guide:

The video tool in the editor only works for those services that Zendesk enables, but it is still easy to add videos from Streamio!

To allow the publish code from Streamio a setting has to be made. This is only needed once:

  1. Select Guide Admin
  2. Select the “gear icon” for settings
  3. Under “Security”, “Guide settings” enable “Display unsafe content”

The warning about malicious code is only valid if some administration within your organisation publishes a page with malicious code. Streamios code is not malicious.

After this is complete, the only thing that is needed to add Streamio video to pages is to change to the source code windows and paste the Streamio embedding code.

Don’t forget that you can make a dedicated player for Zendesk if you wish, that is tailored in, for example, size or reports views to a particular Google Analytics account.