Publish a video on your YouTube Channel

I want to publish my video uploaded to Streamio on my YouTube channel. How do I do that?

Any video that you have uploaded to your account on Streamio can be published directly to YouTube. To enable this feature, you need to connect your account at Streamio to an existing account on YouTube.


If you are new to Streamio you can get a free test account from where you could manage all of your video content and publish towards all of your social channels. Streamio is the professional video hosting company – Try Streamio for free and use all of our features like ad-free videos, password protected or IP-secured accounts, free live streaming and the best possible accessibility features for all of your video, audio and live streams.

Activate YouTube-integration

  1. Go to your ”ACCOUNT SETTINGS” and click on ”Add-On’s”.
  2. Scroll down to the ”YouTube”-section and click ”Activate YouTube-integration”.


You will now be asked to supply your login credentials to your account YouTube, or you may be requested to “Allow” access to your account on YouTube:
  • If you are asked to supply your login credentials, fill in your username and password information and then click ”Login”.
  • If you are requested to allow access to your YouTube account, simply click ”Allow”.


Your YouTube-integration will now be activated and you will be able to publish videos directly to YouTube from your account on Streamio.

Publish a video to YouTube

  1. Go to your video library and click on the Title of the video you would like to publish to YouTube.
  2. Scroll down to the ”Publish”-section and click on the YouTube icon.
  3. Select the Category and Privacy settings you want, along with any additional tags you may wish to include.
  4. When you click on ”Publish”, a copy of the original video file will immediately be uploaded to YouTube and will appear on your YouTube Channel as soon at it has been transcoded by YouTube.


A ”YouTube” tag will also be created for you to indicate that this video has been posted on YouTube. This way, it will be easy for you to filter your video library and see which videos have been published to YouTube.


Upload a video and publish it directly to Youtube

When uploading a video to Streamio, you can also have it published directly to your account on YouTube.


The only thing you need to do is to check the little box next to “Publish this video on YouTube” on the upload page.


publish this video on youtube



Which videos have been published on YouTube?

To view which videos you have published from your account on Streamio to your account on YouTube, you can use the Smart Tags that are automatically created when publishing videos to YouTube.
Just go to your Video Library and filter your library content by selecting the “YouTube”-tag.
Filter videos by tag