Open Broadcaster Software – hacking and freezes

Are you experiencing issues with your OBS studio (Open Broadcaster Software) live broadcast? Is it poor quality, hacking and freezing?


Open broadcaster Software

There can be a long list of reasons why you have a problem with a live broadcast. Here are some common reasons and solutions you can introduce:

You are sending too high a bitrate

Streamio is limited to handling a maximum of 3000 kbps. Keep in mind that both image and sound draw bandwidth. Try lowering the bitrate in OBS, Open Broadcaster Software to 1500 and see if the problems stop.
This level is set to provide plenty of space to broadcast with high quality, but at the same time, work for as many viewers as possible. Many have difficulties dealing with higher bitrates. Keep in mind that more and more users today are mobile. Those networks have very unpredictable quality. Even 4G networks can cope poorly when many users are in the same place or in rural areas.

If you need higher-quality live streaming, Rackfish offers several other streaming video solutions.

Encoding overloaded in OBS Studio

obs studio encoding overloaded

If you try to broadcast at a higher quality than your computer can handle, OBS Studio may protest. It works anyway but the quality suffers, therefore keep a close eye on the “encoding overloaded” message. Choose a “faster” setting and/or reduce your bitrate or resolution.



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