My livestream does not start

Is your livestream not starting?

When you start a livestream, the input status should be changed almost immediately – that means we receive your stream. If input status doesn’t change, it means we won’t receive your livestream ingest.

Test the following:

1 – Check the settings in your streaming software. Make sure that you are using the correct settings for your Streamio account.

2 – Does your network allow you to stream? If you are unsure you can read down below about how you can test it. If you are experiencing a network issue, you must contact the IT manager on the network you are on.

To stream, you must be able to send an “rtmp stream” on “port 1935”. You can easily test whether this “port is open” by browsing to

If everything works properly it says “your network allows you to use this port”.

livestream testing networks

Hopefully this short guide helped you with your issue. If not, click here to see similar questions and answers about livestreaming issues.