Mass uploading of video – Bulk Upload

Need to upload a lot of videos to your Streamio account? Now there is a simple and very effective way to do this using our ‘Bulk Upload’ feature.

The feature uses FTP, a fast and efficient way to move large files. Read more about how to use FTP here.

To name the files correctly, you can use a CSV file. This can be done, for example, by creating an Excel sheet with two columns. The first contains the file name, and the second contains the title of the video. When the sheet is ready, export it as “metadata.csv” from Excel to a CSV file.

To upload videos, follow the following steps:

Open for uploading

Log in to Streamio and then go to Account Settings, API, and at the bottom of the page, click on “Whitelist my IP for 24h”. This ensures that the computer used can access Streamio, otherwise, you will be denied.
Note the settings for Host, Port, Username and Password.

Prepare the FTP client

Add the settings from the previous step to your FTP client. How it works depends on the program you use, but what is usually needed is the host/server/host computer setting from host. Port is usually pre-filled correctly if you have chosen FTP as the protocol, otherwise, change it. You will then need a username and password to log in.

Upload any metadata

If a metadata.csv file has been created, start by uploading it so that the system has access to the information before uploading the files.

Uploading files

Now just upload the files with the FTP client to Streamio. They will be queued and processed for transcoding. Be prepared that it could take some time. Each video has to be recoded in several versions, and other customers may have uploaded many files at the same time. It may also be wise to upload the files in a structured way so that they can be resumed in case of interruptions.

The mass upload function

The feature is available now for all our account types and is perfect for those with large amounts of video to migrate to Streamio. Perfect for migrating large amounts of material from Youtube or Vimeo, for example.