Live streaming from mobile phone

It is possible to live stream from mobile phones and tablets. There is a wide range of software that can be used – basically any software on the market that can live stream supports Streamio. The RTMP protocol is used to send a live stream, which is by far the most common protocol for streaming!

Some examples of software that works with Streamio Live

Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster is available for both iOS and Android and is available free of charge. The program is well maintained and developed and has a variety of smart features such as:

  • configure via link in mail or QR code
  • Record locally to your phone (a local recording in addition to recording in Streamio is always recommended)
  • Choose which camera to use/switch lenses (tele/wide/ultrawide)
  • Send both cameras at the same time (picture-in-picture)
  • Choose resolution/portrait or landscape – locked or follow your phone and more.

Larix Broadcaster is very common among our customers and usually works very stable and good.

Wowza Gocoder

Wowza Gocoder has been a very popular software for streaming from mobiles. It is also free but is not actively updated, and we have had problem reports for users. Since it also has less functionality, we recommend using Larix Broadcaster instead.

Other software that may be worth looking at:

Wirecast is a professional streaming platform for computers where you can also use mobile phones as cameras.

Switcher Studio is an innovative mobile streaming platform for iOS where you can live edit directly on an iPad with up to 9 iOS devices connected as cameras.