Can you buy more storage or traffic/month?

I can’t find any accounts that offer more transfer and storage than the 5 TB Pro account, what to do if I need more?

Buy more traffic / storage space

All Streamio packages have a monthly pot for storage space and a pot for traffic. This means that you can store content such as video up to the limit set for your account and it is possible to consume (watch video / livestream or listen to audio / podcast) content up to the traffic limit is reached. We allow all accounts (except test account) to have excess traffic, ie when content has been watched for so long that your traffic limit is exceeded, but there will be an additional cost per gigabyte used. If you suspect that you will need more traffic or perhaps more storage, we recommend that you buy a traffic / storage package.


We offer monthly packages of 500 GB traffic (or storage) for all customers with Premium (or bigger) accounts.

It is also possible for you to buy a pot of 5 TB traffic that is valid for an entire year.

Click here to see current prices and see more Streamio add-on services.

If you are already a Streamio customer, get in touch with us and we will help you!