Fullscreen video is not working when embedding

When I am embedding videos on my site “fullscreen” is not working – nothing happens when I click on the button.

Issues with embedding videos on to a site “fullscreen” is most common with older CMS (Content Management Systems and some combinations with web-browsers (such as Internet Explorer) where the “allowfullscreen” attribute is filtered by the editor or the CMS.

This is an error in the CMS system that we cannot fix, but we have a workaround that MAY work in some instances. If this solution doesn’t work an update or bug fix of your CMS is the only remaining solution.

Try this workaround in the Streamio platform:

  1. Login to Streamio
  2. Go the menu “Account settings” where you choose “General“.
  3. Checking the box Use modified fullscreen attribute in embed/iframe code to work around older CMSs that erroneously filters out the “allowfullscreen” attribute.
  4. Remember to click on “Update account” to save the new setting.

solving fullscreen video problems in cms