Encoding Preferences

How do I encode my video? What is encoding?

When you upload a video to Streamio, it will by default be encoded for optimized viewing in all major browsers and on mobile devices.


However, you can also customize your Encoding settings in various ways using the “Encoding Preferences” menu:

video enkodering preferences
In the “Encoding Preferences” menu, you can select between the following alternatives:

Default Settings

Streamio’s Encoding Platform will analyze the videos you upload and automatically create the transcodings needed for optimal viewing in alla major browsers and mobile devices.


Account Encoding Settings

Streamio’s Encoding Platform will create the specific transcodings you have specified in your “ACCOUNT SETTINGS”.


Custom Settings

Enables you to add or delete a specific transcoding for a given video.


Do Not Encode!

Your video will skip the entire Encoding Process and be uploaded directly to your Video Library.

If you are unsure of which Settings to use, we recommend you use Streamio’s “Default Settings”.


You will find more information on the various Encoding options here in the Support Center.