Create your own Player

Can I create my own player? How I go about doing that?

Creating your own customized Video Player is really, really easy:

    1. Log in to Streamio and go to your Library.


    1. Click the “Players“-tab to access your existing Video Players.


  1. Click the “Create New Player“-button in the upper right corner.
    • You will then be directed to the “ADD PLAYER”-page:
add video player
Add a Player in your Streamio Portal
To create your own Video Player, follow these steps:
    1. Give your new Player a Title.


    1. Specify the desired Width of your Player (in pixels).
      • If you want, you can also specify the Height of your Player, but if you leave this field blank, the Player will automatically adjust its height to the appropriate size depending on the video you wish to publish. For this reason, we recommend that your leave this field blank.


    1. Select the COLOR THEME you prefer – black or white.


    1. Under “CONTROLS”, you can activate or inactivate various features in your Video Player:
        • Title – Will activate a TITLE BAR in your Player which will display the Title of your video.


        • Share – By activating “SHARE”, your viewers will be able to share a link to your video on Twitter and Facebook.


        • Control Panel – By activating the “CONTROL PANEL”, your visitors will be able to play/pause/rewind/fast forward the video, increase/decrease the volume or view the video in fullscreen.


      • “Play”-icon – By activating the “PLAY ICON”, a Play icon will be shown before and after a video has been played.


    1. Select one or more “Tags” for your Player (if you are unsure, you can skip this step for now).


    1. If you activate “Default Player“, this video will be the one that shows up first in the list when selecting a Player prior to publishing a video.


  1. Click the “Create Player“-button and you’re done! You will now see that your new Player has been added in your Player Library.


There are a few more features and settings you can customize under “ADVANCED SETTINGS”. See our Advanced Player Settings guide here!