Bulk-download content with Streamio CLI

Streamio CLI is a gem for interacting with Streamio through the command line.

We do not provide support for the Streamio CLI, and usage is only suitable for users familiar with API’s, JSON and installing software. The results will have internal names and meta-data included in JSON-files.


gem install streamio-cli


After installation, you can use the streamio command from your command line. To get a list of available tasks run streamio without any arguments.

To get help on a specific task run streamio help name_of_task. For example, runstreamio help export to get usage scenarios and available options for the export task.


You can use the export task to download all videos and audios from your Streamio account. First, use your command line to navigate to a directory where you wish the export to be downloaded. Then use the command together with your API username and password found under Account Settings > API when logged in to streamio.com.

streamio export -u api_username -p api_password

By default, only the original files will be downloaded. If you wish to include transcodings you may add the -i parameter.

streamio export -u api_username -p api_password -i

The export will use the following file structure for the downloads:


A JSON file containing the metadata of each resource will also be available:


The export is idempotent – meaning that if you run it multiple times from the same directory it will not re-download already downloaded files. So don’t worry about interrupting the download process to continue another time.

Note that it is likely that you will need a developer to actually make use of the exported material.