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What is a cookie? It’s a small file that our page create in your browser, that carries non personal identifiable information. This information are sent back to us to collect interactions that you do with the page. It will be stored there for only the session you are on our page, or the time we want it to live, or until you kill it by clearing all the cookies you have in your browser.

Why you ask? Well, we use it for collecting statistics on visits to our site. We also want to know if you are a real person so that you won’t distort these stats, we just hate when that happens. If you sign in to our services we need to know who you are so that you see the right account. And if you leave us we want to have the opportunity to get you back, by showing you our ads here and there, but not to often hopefully.

The cookies we use are:

Name Usage Type Expires
_streamio_session Streamio Login authentication Session 1st party Session
_icl_current_language Language selected Persistent 1st party 30 min
cookie_notice_accepted Removal of the cookie notice Persistent 1st party Life time
siteVisitor Actual visit to page Persistent 1st party 1 day
_dc_gtm_* Google Tag Manager Persistent 3rd party 10 min
_ga Google Analytics Persistent 3rd party 2 years
vv_session_id Lead generation Persistent 3rd party 30 min
vv_visitor_id Lead generation Persistent 3rd party 1 year