Uploading many files

I’ve got a bunch of videos to upload. Is there any method to upload all at once?

For now, there is no such batch function built into the interface. However, if you are using Mac or Linux-based computer there is a way

Follow the steps for MacOS/OSX/Linux:

  1. Copy the files to a directory on the desktop, for example:
  2. Make for sure there are no spaces in the filenames.
  3. Open the terminal and go to the directory, in this case:
    cd /Users/YourUserNAME/Desktop/movies
  4. Goto to “Account Setting” – “API” in Streamio and note the administrative username and password, this is needed in the next step:
  5. Check what the file extension(s) that are used on the files (.mov, .mp4 is common)
  6. Write the following command in one line in a terminal window, with the file extension replaced from .mov if your files have a different extension and Username / Password changed to your API credentials: (MAKE SURE THE WHOLE LINE IS COPIED BEFORE YOU EDIT – IT IS CUT OFF IN THE BROWSER!)
    ls *.mov | awk ‘{print(“curl -u user:pass -F file=@”$1″ http://streamio.com/api/v1/videos.json”)}’
  7. Push Enter and you should see a list of files that are to be uploaded. If this looks right, you can execute the command with:
    ls *.mov | awk ‘{print(“curl -u user:pass -F file=@”$1″ http://streamio.com/api/v1/videos.json”)}’ | /bin/sh

Unfortunately, there is no simple similar method for Windows.