Uploading many files

For now, there is no such batch function built into the interface. However, if you are using Mac or Linux-based computer there is a way

Follow the steps for MacOS/OSX/Linux:

1. Copy the files to a directory on the desktop, for example:



2. Make for sure there are no spaces in the filenames.

3. Open the terminal and go to the directory, in this case:

cd /Users/YourUserNAME/Desktop/movies

4. Goto to “Account Setting” – “API” in Streamio and note the administrative username and password, this is needed in the next step:

5. Check what the file extension(s) that are used on the files (.mov, .mp4 is common)

6. Write the following command in one line in a terminal window, with the file extension replaced from .mov if your files have a different extension and Username / Password changed to your API credentials: (MAKE SURE THE WHOLE LINE IS COPIED BEFORE YOU EDIT – IT IS CUT OFF IN THE BROWSER!)

ls *.mov | awk '{print("curl -u user:pass -F file=@"$1" http://streamio.com/api/v1/videos.json")}'

7. Push Enter and you should see a list of files that are to be uploaded. If this looks right, you can execute the command with:

ls *.mov | awk '{print("curl -u user:pass -F file=@"$1" http://streamio.com/api/v1/videos.json")}' | /bin/sh

Unfortunately, there is no simple similar method for Windows.

I’ve got a bunch of videos to upload. Is there any method to upload all at once?