Upload multiple movies at once?

I have a lot of movie files that I want to upload. Is there any way to upload all the movies at once, so I don’t have to take one movie at a time?

At present, there is no function built into the interface for so-called batch upload. If you have Mac, you can still upload all the files from a folder. Here are instructions for OSX:
1. Copy the files to a folder on the desktop, such as /Users/streamio/Desktop/movies
2. Be sure to name the files so they have no spaces in the file name
3. Open the terminal and go to the folder, in this case cd /Users/streamio/Desktop/movies
4. In a line, type the following. Instead of “UserName” and “password”, enter the login details for your account’s API. These can be found under Account Settings API.
lls *.mov | awk ‘{print(“curl -u Username:password -F file=@”$1″https://streamio.com/api/v1/videos.json”)} | /bin/sh
5. Press Enter
If you disclose the last part (| /bin/sh), a list of what will happen is printed, but without execution.
Unfortunately, there is no simple corresponding method for PC. However, it is possible to open multiple instances (windows) of the upload page and thus upload several movies before they were previously fully uploaded.