Looking for Stremio – series and movies?

Sometimes we are confused with Stremio, a platform used to watch tv-series and movies illegally. Many users spell Stremio wrong and ends up here, which is natural since Stremio probably is misspelled to begin with.

We are Streamio by Rackfish. Rackfish is a company who specializes in hosting and online video, Streamio a brand under the Rackfish company.

Streamio is a professional OVP, Online Video Platform, used by companies and organizations all over the world.

Streamio is used to Live-broadcast your own productions or to upload existing videos or audio-files in order to distribute it to your visitors.

As you surely saw when signing up, you will never ever find any movies or tv-series on Streamio. Go tell your friends!

The Streamio application is web-based only

That is correct. Streamio is web-based only – you’ll find us on www.streamio.com so you will not find us on Fire-TV, PC, Mac, Roku, whatever. Have you maybe confused us with a site for movie piracy that you signed up for?

Please delete my account

We don’t provide account deletion services. If it is indeed an account on Streamio.com you can delete it under Account settings, In the bottom of the page there is a delete button. If you lost your Streamio.com password, see below. Please note that some users are confused and think Streamio is a site to use for piracy movies on their Fire-TV. It is not. Those are in the wrong place.

My password isn’t working

You can reset your Streamio password here: https://streamio.com/users/password/new – That would, of course, be if you have problems with your password to Streamio.com – it won’t really help if you are trying to use it on some sort of software to watch pirated series and movies. We don’t do such things on Streamio, it is a professional video platform for businesses and organizations video needs.