Streamio use of cookies for the video player

At we Streamio believe in transparency and honesty – we use cookies with caution

Streamio does not set permanent cookies but only has a session cookie to keep track of settings in the player while the visitor uses Streamio – for example, to keep track of settings for subtitles in video.


Streamio does not use cookies to track users for itself. We do not use any advertising cookies, nor do we allow third parties to track those who watch videos uploaded to our platform.
Read more about Streamio and how we are GDPR-compliant.

Necessary cookies

video player
identifies the session and its settings for the feature of the video player, login, and the like.
Session, disappears when the browser closes.
HTTP Cookie
If you enable features in Streamio’s players such as statistics in Google Analytics or Advertising through third-party features, these services usually set cookies as well. However, these cookies are linked to users’ possible use of third-party services.

Here you will find the complete information about Streamio’s Cookie Policy, Legal pages, and privacy policy