Streamio use of cookies for the video player

At Streamio, we believe in transparency and honesty – we use cookies and other storage with care.

This refers to the video player in Streamio, i.e. the functionality that our customers’ users come into contact with. For the website, there is a cookie policy in the footer. If you use other services, such as our website or the Streamio application, other cookies may be present in your browser as a result.
The Streamio platform does not set permanent cookies or use similar technologies to save information in the user’s browser but only uses a session cookie that keeps track of settings in the player while the visitor is using Streamio. This session cookie is now only used for users who are either logged in to the Streamio application (i.e. a user of the video platform itself) or for users who visit our video channels, as indicated in the channels.
Streamio does not use cookies, or other technologies, to track users for its own purposes. We do not use any advertising cookies, nor do we allow third parties to track those who watch videos uploaded to our platform.

Necessary cookies

video player
This cookie is used when logged in and on channels to keep track of data and preferences during the session, after which it is deleted.
Session, disappears when the browser closes.
HTTP Cookie
If you activate functions in Streamio’s player, such as statistics in Matomo, Google Analytics, or Advertising via third-party functions, these services usually set cookies as well. However, these cookies are linked to the possible use of third-party services by users and need to be managed separately for those customers who choose to use such features.
You can find more information on Streamio’s terms and conditions here:
Web Cookies