Streamio API Upload

Can I upload video to Streamio outside of the built-in interface?

In order to use the Streamio API to upload movies to Streamio, there are two different methods, both an automated upload with an even-duty staging step and an often more or less public upload directly to a streamio account.
Automated upload
Upload method that is mainly used when the customer wants to automatically “stage” or receive movies themselves before it is forwarded to the final Streamio account.
This functionality uses the video/create API call. For more information, see
We recommend using curl for this.
Public Upload
If the upload aims to allow public users to upload movies to Streamio, for example from a campaign site, the public upload functionality is used.
Here is a schematic description of how to create a public upload.
1. Create a “container” that you assign properties, such as which title the upload module should have, and which tag or tags the movie should receive.
2. List your upload container(s) to obtain id.
3. Publish public upload via an iframe with the link described on
Make sure that upload_id be replaced with id for the container you want to use.
Most likely, you will want to capture information about uploaded movies via javascript. See the example section of the above-mentioned link for detailed information on this.