Main user

Main users in Streamio – what can they do and how to switch main users?

The list of registered users appears under “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” in the menu. Under “USERS”, you will see who has access to your account.

Main user

Being the main user means:
  • having the ability to make someone else the main user
  • receives an email when a new user is created
  • having the ability to delete other users
  • be considered as the main contact with Streamio AB unless otherwise stated

There must always be at least one main user. If there is only one user for the account, that is the main user.

Delete users

A main user can delete another user by hovering over the row of the user to be deleted. Click the recycle bin that appears at the far right of the line to delete.
A main user can make someone else the main user and also delete other users. If you are not a main user, these options do not appear on the line.

Change main user

A main user can “give away” their main user status to another user. Hover your mouse over the user and the “Make to Main User” button appears. Click the button to assign the user the main status. Only one main user can make someone else a new main user