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Broadcast your live stream to multiple channels! sends the same live broadcast to multiple channels is a platform that can be used to broadcast the same live stream to multiple channels. With the service, you can easily make the same live stream available on your Streamio channel, while distributing and publishing it to social media channels like Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and Linkedin. With Restream, you can easily create a live broadcast that’s sent to all your channels and to all locations where your viewers are located, including your own Streamio channel where you have full control over your content.

Add Streamio as a recipient to the

To add Streamio as a receiver to, choose to add a channel: Custom RTMP.

The Channel Settings specify:

Display name: Streamio

RTMP URL: Use the Open Broadcaster URL in Streamio Live Settings

Stream Key: Use the same Stream Key as OBS

For optimal performance and best delivery out to your intended viewers, be sure not to go above 3000 kbps for a stream to be broadcast with Streamio – you need higher bitrate, contact us for suggestions for solutions.

Showing settings in Restreamio to livestream using Streamio