How to use Streamlabs Mobile with Streamio

Streamlabs is a free app for streaming cameras or “games,” i.e., your screen. Streamlabs is very popular with gaming streaming channels such as Twitch, but don’t let that scare you off. Streaming games is usually a lot more demanding than streaming regular programming, so it is a competent app.

Get Started with the Streamlabs app

Download Streamlabs from your app store. Walt through the setup wizard and select “Camera” if you are planning to use it as a camera.

In the next step, there is a choice between a standard or custom screen setup. You could choose either. We use the custom setup and just save the basic configuration with just the camera to avoid seeing things that are not relevant.

Enable the camera and the microphone when asked to and select if you want notifications or not, and approve the privacy settings.

Setup Streamlabs with Streamio

In the top left corner, there is a menu button with Account settings. To set up Streamio with Streamlabs, select “Custom RTMP Server”.

Under the URL settings, paste the “Stream URL type 1” setting from your Ingestion details button under Streamios Live Streaming tab.

Under the Stream Key setting, paste “Stream key type 1” from the same page

Go live on Streamio!

In order to start live streaming, hit the “Go Live”-button in the app. In the popup, select “Custom RTMP Server”

Set a stream title. This doesn’t show in Streamio, so just write something and hit “Go live” again, and you are streaming.

Change settings

If you need to change, for example, Streaming quality settings, all settings are available in the menu in the top left corner. Under “Streaming,” all settings for streaming quality, as well as camera settings, are found.