Get started with Live Transcoding

How to get started with Live Transcoding on Streamio – for better quality livestreams.

Live transcoding requires only two things – that the service is turned on and that a compatible live stream is delivered. Here are the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Activate Live Transcoding

You can buy the add-on service live transcoding here. 

  • Start streaming!

Just start live streaming as usual, with the exception that higher quality is both required and recommended. The recommendations are available here.

In short, 1080p with a higher bitrate of 6000 kbps is now required.

Under Status in the Live tab, you can see that the stream is being transcoded – and the quality selection gear appears in the player. Here you can switch to a different quality other than the one chosen by the player (just like with uploaded videos).

Read here for more information about live transcoding.