Enable subtitles in videos

How do I enable subtitling on videos?

Sign in to Streamio and go the menu “Account settings” and then the “General” tab. By checking the box “” you will have a new tab for Subtitles under Library for uploading WebVTT subtitles.

Remember to click on “Update account” to save the new setting.

How to enable video subtitles



When Subtitles are enabled a new “Subtitles” tab is visible under “Library”.

VTT-subtitle library




Upload subtitles via the “+ Create Subtitle” button. Enter Title, Display title, Language and choose a file by pressing the button below “File”. Finally press the button “Create/import subtitle”.





The next step is to tie the subtitles to the video or videos that should use them. Go to Library – Videos and select the video in question. Under “Subtitles” you will find all different choices you can make regarding the subtitles you want to add to the video.  Choose one or more to add them to the movie.




Please note that subtitles are not compatible with the older GO Player (Player 1.0).