Custom Settings in Encoding

What are the custom settings for?
When you upload a video to your Streamio account, the “Encoding Preferences” menu allows you to determine how you want your video to be encoded:
video enkodering preferences
If you select the “Custom Settings” option, a new section will open up ans display the transcodings our Encoding Platform will encode when you video has been uploaded:
Custom Video Encoding Settings
Under “Custom Settings“, you are able to add or delete individual transcodings you want the Encoding Platform to create for the specific video you are uploading to your Video Library:
1) To add a specific transcoding, select the Encoding Profile of your choice in the menu and click “Add“.
2) To delete a specific transcoding, just click on the Delete video  icon for the Encoding Profile of your choice and confirm by clicking “OK“.
When you have selected the transcodings you want our Encoding Platform to create for your video, simply click on the “Upload Video”-button and you’re done! Your video will now be uploaded and encoded according to your preferences.
Streamio allows you to create your own Encoding Profiles. You can find more information about this here in our Support Center.