Copy movie to other account

If you, as a user, have access to multiple accounts, you can copy movies between your accounts. The selected movie is copied to the specified account and recoded in the usual way according to the target account settings. Details about the movie as title, descriptive text, and tags are included.

Your accounts
In the upper-left corner of the menu, you’ll see which accounts you have access to
Here are four available accounts
Copy movie to other account
Go to the video library and select the movie you want to copy.
Click Advanced Settings.
At the far right under Original file is the copy button.
The Copy button appears under Advanced settings for the movie you want to copy
Click the copy button and select the account you want the movie to copy to
In the example, it is selected to copy the movie to the account “Streamio Externt”. It also shows that the movie was previously copied to the “Streamio Internal” account
When you click Copy, the movie is immediately queued in the account you specified.
The dialog box also shows whether the movie has been copied to other accounts.
The movie is placed directly in the queue. You can now close the box.
clearly. The movie is now copied to the target account.