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Public video upload

Allow external parties to upload movies to your Streamio account without creating user accounts.

Use with caution

This feature allows users to upload files to a Streamio account unhindered. Keep in mind that the account may become full, receive unauthorized/illegal content and therefore be blocked, and that videos may be published automatically. The account holder is always responsible for material published with Streamio, so this function should not be used publicly, but only in controlled environments for a limited time.

Public video upload

A typical use of this feature may be when students from a teaching platform need to upload videos. The videos get a tag automatically and the movies are immediately published to a Streamio-channel that is password protected.

This feature currently requires a piece of more advanced knowledge. If you are not familiar with CURL, contact our support if you need help to setup a public upload. This uses features for developers in Streamio’s API that are documented here:

Example of use – embedding a form on your own web page:

1. Find out the account’s API keys (available as logged in under Account Settings – API)

2. In a terminal window run:

curl -u apiuser:apipassword \
-F tags=tag1,tag2,tag3\

3. Streamio responds with something like this:


4. Use the last part, id, to construct an upload


5. To publish, you can use an iframe and embed the above URL:

<iframe src=”” width=”420″ height=”220″></iframe>


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