Video for the city council and regional council

Streamio provides municipalities and regions with a video platform for ⁣city councils that comply with GDPR at a very low cost.

An all-Swedish streaming solution for innovative municipalities.

Better productions with cheaper video

Please don't spend money on distribution when you get more value with improved production.

Streamio is a complete platform that includes everything. Streamio is easy to use and adapted to publish accessible and GDPR-compliant video effortlessly. We provide solutions for “Video-On-Demand” (recorded video), live streaming, audio streaming, and podcasts.

Build play channels or publish video on other websites. Send out links via email, secure them with passwords, or publish them on social channels. Control date and time when videos should be published. With Streamio’s low costs, the platform is also perfect for building video archives for the municipality or region’s video library. Automatic subtitling and prices far below the procurement limit of most authorities contribute to Streamios’ ease of use.

City and regional councils 1
Umeå municipality in Sweden produces both live broadcasts and video archives in one channel.

We’re happy to demonstrate the functionality and provide free accounts for trial.

Most municipalities and regions we talk to do not have many viewers at their council meetings. When you calculate it, the cost per viewer will be very high compared to other communications. With Streamio, many municipalities operate with one of our smaller price plans. We have seen examples of savings of up to 90% compared to the alternatives.

Here’s a collection of tips on how to save money on streaming the city council.

Check out Streamio’s price plans for video streaming here! No additional costs per user, per play channel, or for transcoding, support, live streaming, podcast versions, or anything similar. Simple, transparent and affordable!

Streamio meets all the requirements for a public sector video platform. Managing all personal data processed by a city council becomes easier when you do not have to consider transfers to countries outside the EU and their cloud services. Choose Streamio for an all-Swedish solution for both live and recorded video.

With the generous accounts that Streamio offers, it is also cost-effective to move away from privacy problems that, for example, Youtube creates. Learn more about Youtube for the city council here.

GDPR compliant

With our automatic subtitling features, the longest meetings, such as the city or regional council, can receive subtitles quickly and cost-effectively. Automatic subtitling is certainly not flawless but still good enough to give those who cannot follow along with the soundtrack a good picture of what is being discussed. In addition, automatic captioning is considerably cheaper and faster than manual alternatives.

If you use automatic captioning of the city council, it could already be available just a few hours after the meeting ends. One option to raise the quality is to skim through the meeting and correct any errors that could risk confusing the viewer. What level of effort you put into it is a matter of time and resources. Should it be “acceptable” or “perfect”?

Streamio, of course, also supports manual subtitling, audio descriptions, multiple text languages such as simultaneous interpretation into different languages or audio description of the content.

Sometimes there is a demand for features such as different integrations in systems, several parallel video players in sync, and so on. We have chosen to keep these types of features to a minimum in Streamio as they are both costly and offer little to no value. You should be able to watch a well-produced video in one window and on a mobile phone without problems. We think it’s better to move the budget from distribution to production and get a better user experience along the way!

City and regional councils 2
The municipality of Ovanåker in Sweden shows an example of the production of their city council, which also works excellently on a mobile phone.

Streamio has Swedish and English support, no strange surprises in the price plans where video, live and podcast are included, as well as encoding of the video. Streamio sends out regular invoices that can also be received as e-invoices or PDF via email. Choose the easy way. Choose Streamio.

Regions and municipalities that streamed with Streamio:

Streamio has been around for over ten years and has served many customers in the private and public sectors, from huge multinational giants to small startups. The public sector is the fastest-growing group of customers as more and more users move their video home.