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Swedish video platform

Your video management always involves the processing of personal data. Account must be taken of both the content of the film itself (which almoalways contains personal data), subsystems processing this data and the distribution of the films processing personal data of those viewing the films.

GDPR-safe streaming and video

GDPR-tailored video platform

Streamio is one of the best tailored solutions for video, audio, and live streaming. We actively work with our customers for effective and correct handling of the   General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR. If you want to read the full regulation, you will find it here, but below we summarize why we are GDPR safe and the best choice for video and streaming:

  • You control publishing to 100%
  • We have a Standard Swedish Agreement for Personal Data (IT and Telecom Companies)
  • You retain full rights and ownership of all your content
  • We have few subcontractors and all have personal data processing agreements
  • Swedish contracting party, which owns the operating platform - no cloud services
  • Streamio can be used completely without foreign subcontractors


The U.S. Law,   Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act, better known as CLOUD Act, is in strict violation to GDPR.

EDPS, European Data Protection Supervisor, believes that the CLOUD Act may conflict with the GDPR, as it gives US authorities the right to request data from US companies, even if the servers where the data is stored are physically outside america's borders. The CLOUD Act applies to all US companies, even if they operate in Europe and store data in Europe. The law has been criticized by the EFF, Amnesty and Human Rights Watch - but supported by Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple.

The easiest way to be completely safe is to use suppliers within the EU, without ownership of US suppliers. However, keep in mind that it is just as important to also keep track of sub contractors that are handling subtitles, CDN, movie encoding and backup storage services!

Schrems II GDPR Video OVP

Schrems II

The Schrem's II verdict complicated things even more. The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has published recommendations on the extensive work needed to secure transfers to third countries. Or you can make it easy for yourself and use a Swedish video service!

gdpr underbiträde video cdn tredje land

A solution without sub-processors in third countries

With Streamio, you can buy a unique platform that completely eliminates the risks of, for example, US cloud providers.

We are a Swedish-owned company that owns its own server facilities in Stockholm and Uppsala. We do not use foreign cloud providers. We are a real internet operator that controls traffic and its logging itself.

If you wish, the service can be delivered completely without any foreign subcontractors!

Video Distribution CDN

When a viewer watches your movies, they are usually distributed through one or more Content Distribution Network (CDN). It is important to note that the CDN operator can access traffic data for the distribution, which usually includes logging personal data, including IP numbers.

For our customers who operate mainly in Sweden and the Nordic region, we have a Swedish CDN, which is GDPR-safe, where the sub-processor is Swedish and located only a stone's throw from our office at Uppsala Castle.

offentlig sektor videostreaming

Streamio for the public sector

GDPR is a big issue for public sector actors and Streamio can proudly count a large number of public institutions, municipalities and authorities among its customers. Why public sector actors choose Streamio:

Swedish supplier GDPR focus

Based in Sweden

Streamio is a service developed and operated by Rackfish AB, the Swedish hosting and streaming company. Streamio is delivered from Swedish servers under the industry's Standard Swedish agreement. We are simply the most Swedish suppliers.
It won't get any more Swedish than that! 🙂