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Privacy policy

How we handle personal data.


Rackfish AB, 556614-3243, Uppsala Castle, 75237 Uppsala is a provider of internet services such as hosting, CDN, domain name, web hosting, servers, video distribution, live streaming, video-on-demand and more. Rackfish AB is the data controller for the processing of data for, among other things, our customers, users and other contacts we have in the exercise of our business.

We work actively to minimize the use of personal data and protect personal privacy. This policy may therefore be updated, as advertised on our website

The Swedish Data Protection Authority informs about GDPR on this page

What kind of data do we handle?
Rackfish handles customer data associated with contracts or services such as names, address, email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers and IP addresses. In addition, we have data about people and companies we are in contact with without an agreement, such as names, email addresses and phone numbers. Finally, we store traffic data such as logging ip numbers, traffic, logins and similar events. We have a dedicated page about our cookie management.

When do we collect personal data?
* When ordering or offering services and contract writing
* In case of mail correspondence, telephone calls and other types of correspondence
* When our services are used.
* When we are contacted and at personal meetings
* When visiting our websites
* Surveys

Why do we collect personal data?
We need to collect personal data to sell, deliver, support and inform about and market our services. We need to collect data to know who owns the service and who is responsible for it so that we can invoice our delivery and fulfill agreements. To maintain security, login information is necessary to have. Furthermore, we need to analyse and follow up. Direct marketing (from which you can unsubscribe).

What sources do we use to retrieve data?
It happens that we collect data from third parties. This can be to supplement information we need to handle a delivery (for example, current signatory, corporate registration number or registered address). In order to promote our services, we sometimes collect data from, for example, the Swedish Companies Registration Office/Bisnode/UC or Social Media and other external pages.

Who do we share data with?
We share personal data with external suppliers in order to fulfill the delivery and management of our services, in some cases also outside the EU/EEA, in order to provide the requested services or to be able to offer you your services for marketing purposes. Of course, we shall ensure that the information is not used for purposes other than those we specify to deliver the service and that subcontractors handle transferred data in accordance with applicable law. Rackfish may also disclose or fully disclose personal data and records thereof to third parties if a third party takes over Rackfish’s operations in part or in full. We may also share personal data between companies in the same group, in order to fulfill the delivery as we share certain resources.

How long do we store data?
Rackfish saves personal data about you as a customer for as long as there is a customer relationship, or as long as it is necessary in accordance with this policy or to comply with other laws and regulations. Accounting data is stored for at least 7 years, but no longer than 10 years. Other collected data will be deleted within a reasonable time. In many services, customers can delete data themselves or request assistance from us to have data deleted. Personal data used for invoicing is stored as long as necessary as a basis for the accounting. If we have obtained consent to process information, we store it for as long as the consent remains, it can be revoked at any time.

Backups are saved according to the respective service specification, but never longer than 25 months. Traffic data, logs and similar data are normally deleted within 6 months if they are not the basis for charging as they may be saved for 25 months.

What rights do you have?
You have the right to have your data changed or deleted and this is done by Rackfish without unnecessary delay where possible, taking into account applicable laws and regulations and balancing of interests. If you think this trade-off is incorrect, you have the right to object to it. You can also withdraw your consent and submit a complaint about the processing to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. You can access your personal data upon request once a year through register extracts. If you are not satisfied with our handling, you can contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Personal data breach
Personal data incidents must be reported to the Swedish Data Protection Authority without undue delay and no later than within 72 hours. We shall also inform data subjects   that there is a risk that their rights will be affected.

Data controller
Rackfish AB, 556614-3243
Phone: 018-181800
Address: Uppsala Castle, 75237 Uppsala

Swedish Data Protection Authority