Matomo Plugin & Hosting

With our Matomo Plugin, you can get data from Streamio delivered to the same platform that handles other web statistics. We also offer Matomo hosting!

Matomo Plugin

The Streamio Matomo Plugin allows you to deliver data from Streamio’s video players as well as from created channels.

Since you can create different players, the same video can be shown in players that deliver statistics to different Matomo accounts.

The Streamio Matomo plugin is included in all Streamio packages.

Learn more about the Matomo Media Analytics Plugin below.

Matomo Drift

Rackfish offers hosting of Matomo as a service. Matomo is hosted in the same data center as Streamio and is thus hosted on servers in Sweden, owned by a Swedish company.

The service includes premium plugins and thus provides access to, for example, the Matomo Media Analytics plugin – perfect for Streamio users!

The service is well adapted to the GDPR

Order Matomo from 166 SEK per month here

Matomo operation as an additional service

Streamio has long had support for delivering traffic to Matomo, but now we take the next step and offer it as a service with operation in Sweden on Swedish servers by Rackfish AB, which also owns and operates Streamio.

The service is a well adapted Matomo to comply with the GDPR.

Matomo Media Analytics Plugin

If you choose to run Matomo on your own, the Media Analytics plugin is the most important to analyze video and audio in Streamio It can be purchased separately or as part of a package and installed on all Matomo installations.

We include premium plugins like Matomo Media Analytics right away so our users can get started with great analytics tools for their web and video.