Matomo Plugin & Hosting

The Streamio Matomo plugin delivers video statistics from Streamio which is displayed together with other website statistics.

Matomo can be ordered directly from Streamio – all data is stored in the EU.

Matomo Plugin for video statistics

Video statistics

With Streamio's Matomo Plugin (included in all Streamio packages), data from video plays (or live stream players) can be delivered straight into Matomo.

Several Matomo instances?

With multiple Matomo instances (e.g. intranet, website, customer pages), Streamio can deliver data to different Matomo depending on where the video/stream is published.

Media Analytics

For video statistics, we recommend Matomo's Media Analytics plugin (included in our Matomo packages) - for the best insight into how visitors use video and all other statistics.

Matomo hosting as an additional service

Streamio has been delivering traffic to Matomo for a long time, but now we are taking the next step and offering it as a service based in Sweden on Swedish servers by Rackfish AB, which also owns and operates Streamio. An easy way to combine statistics from videos and the websites hosting the videos in one interface.

Affordable Matomo packages

Offering the highest quality at excellent prices is one of our hallmarks. This is also the case with our Matomo packages, which start as low as €199 per year. With Matomo and Streamio, you can see precisely how visits convert.

Media plugin installed

To fully understand video statistics, an external analytics tool that measures the website is necessary. The Media plugin lets you track exactly how visitors use your website and its videos.

Swedish Matomo hosting

Rackfish offers hosting of Matomo as a service. Matomo is hosted in the same data center as Streamio and is thus hosted on servers in Sweden, owned by a Swedish company.

The service is well aligned with the GDPR.

Matomo Media Analytics Plugin

If you choose to run Matomo on your own, the Media Analytics plugin is the most important to analyze video and audio in Streamio It can be purchased separately or as part of a package and installed on all Matomo installations. Matomo Media Analytics can be ordered directly from Matomo.