Features of Streamio

An easy-to-use and feature-rich Online Video Platform

video i offentlig sektor

Streamio is built for communicators who want to use video.
That's why we've made Streamio cost-effective and professional.
And full of features so you don't need any more platforms.

On this page, we have gathered most of the features you can find in Streamio’s video platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on this!

Video library / Manage video

  • Sort and filter video
  • Display statistics directly at a glance
  • Select multiple for deletion
  • Select multiple videos for copying to another account
  • Tagging movies for easy and efficient selection
  • Video title and descriptions
  • Create your own home images for videos
  • Replace videos with updated versions (affects published locations)
  • Download original video, or any of the encoded variants.
  • Add or remove specific encodings
  • Add videos to playlists
  • Switch to Statistics mode
  • Select player and generate web page direct link/code
  • Post to Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Youtube
  • Allow public video download with link
  • Password protect specific videos
  • Automatically tag videos with the uploader's name

Video storage

  • 3 copies of each file for security (pay only to store once)
  • Fast storage in Sweden with good bandwidth
  • Original file is always there
  • Very affordable storage packages for expansion
  • With market leading CDN we offer staging in 40 locations in the world for distribution
  • Choose to exclude storage (CDN) outside the EU/EEA to be garantueed GDPR-compliance

Video encoding

  • All encoding is included free of charge
  • Video encoded to H.264
  • Default settings for mobile and desktop
  • Custom settings as needed
  • Ability to stream original file without encoding
  • Create custom encoding profiles
  • Create default profiles that are used default
  • Recode video size, bitrate, framerate, and audio

Video distribution

  • Files from storage are converted to HLS
  • Distribution is via Rackfish CDN
  • 40+ nodes worldwide
  • Possibility to limit to EU/EEA distribution (GDPR!)


  • Choose between payment by credit card or invoice
  • Switch between multiple accounts for those users who have access
  • Both Swedish and English language is supported by the system and is optional for each user


  • Password protect specific movies
  • Use SSL encryption (https) by default
  • Unpublish videos from the Streamio portal, without deleting it (video remains in Streamio but can't be viewed on your website or the social media it's been published in)
  • SSL encrypted transfer
  • SSL encrypted links
  • Two-factor authentication when logging into account as selection
  • Only use servers for distribution (CDN) within the EU/EEA


  • WCAG 2.1 custom
  • Multilingual subtitles (WebVTT)
  • Auto-Follow Transcription Window
  • Video player with WCAG2 and WAI-ARIA support
  • AA and AAA contrast can be met via custom CSS
  • Content title and description (ARIA) labels
  • Player has application role
  • Keyboard commands for all common actions.
  • Screenreader support
  • More information and demo players

Ownership and rights

  • None of your content will be used by Streamio
  • Account holders retain the rights to all material uploaded
  • Owners can delete all versions of a movie themselves - deleting all streamio copies


  • Upload images to Streamio
  • Use images as a background in channels
  • Use images as a logo in channels
  • Use images as an overlay (channel logo) in players
  • Use images as a player starting image.


  • Create one or more podcast feeds directly in Streamio
  • Make audio files available for podcasts by tagging
  • Add audio to one or more podcasts
  • Sort the order of sounds
  • Support for all common fields (title, description, category, etc.)
  • Explicit Selection Support
  • Boot image support
  • Publishing XML Link


  • Free number of users - no user licenses
  • Main users manage, invite, and delete users
  • The same user can have access to one or more accounts
  • Multiple users can work at the same time

Streamio Channels

  • Create play channels for your content
  • All Streamio packages include unlimited channels
  • Choose whether to password protect channels, for example for internal use
  • Automatically fill with tagged movies
  • Connect channels and movies with tags
  • Tags become categories in the play channel
  • Live stream directly to selected channels
  • Create your own channel ID
  • Connect channel to Google Analytics or Matomo for advanced statistics
  • Choose between showing your channel in English or Swedish
  • Customize the look of your channel with custom background and your organization's logo
  • Date of publication and total number of views per video are visible on your channel
  • Search for videos in channel
  • Filter by categories


  • Go directly from video to its statistics
  • Connect Google Analytics to access advanced viewer behavior statistics
  • Use Matomo for advanced statistics in a GDPR-secured way
  • Use different video players to connect to different Google Analytics accounts (a customer, a campaign site, or the like).
  • Use categories in Google analytics (per player)
  • Use Labels in Google Analytics (per player)
  • Account-level basic overview for gigs and channels
  • Basic statistics for video views during different periods

Live streaming

  • Stream directly from any platform - free programs as professional tools
  • Stream directly from mobile phone
  • Select player start image / idle power test image
  • Select Channels (Streamio Play Channels) to which the broadcast will appear
  • Record broadcast live to Streamio
  • Publish as a direct link, embed site, or streamio channels
  • Post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (opens as new window)
  • Customize video players (for example, in terms of size or Google analytics)

Advance usage

  • Empty CDN cache for your videos
  • Replace already published movies
  • Regenerate all video streams (new encoding)


  • Automatic playlists based on tags
  • Manual playlists with their own selection
  • List, view, create, delete Movies
  • Add or remove transcoding
  • Sort manually or for example by date
  • Create playlists, movies, players, sounds
  • Create, change delete encoding profiles


Video player

  • Create unlimited players
  • Single player shows a selected movie
  • Archive players display playlists
  • Have different Google Analytics accounts for different variants of players
  • Upload custom, custom, boot images
  • Select default players for easy and fast access
  • Choice of different "Skin"
  • Affect appearance with CSS
  • Turn title/description/sharing and dashboard on and off
  • Add image as watermark to player
  • Link watermark image to Web page
  • Start quietly
  • Startup
  • Loop Video
  • Airplay or Chromecast casting support
  • Add playlists to archive players
  • Direct link to archive players

Integrity and GDPR

  • Limit storage to the EU/EEA, including in cdn
  • All Swedish supplier with servers in Sweden - Based in Sweden
  • Wholly owned servers located in Sweden
  • GDPR-safe CDN available as an alternative
  • Swedish standard agreement from IT and Telecom companies
  • Complete control over the material (e.g. unpublishing or total deletion)


  • Upload audio
  • Automatic reco encoding of audio to MP3 format
  • Publish audio with direct link
  • Publish players embedded on your website
  • Publish to podcast


  • Upload subtitles
  • Conversion from SRT to WebVTT
  • Editing subtitles in Streamio
  • Download via API
  • Attach one or more subtitles to a movie.
  • Use the same subtitles for multiple movies
  • Use subtitle tracks as transcription
  • Turn off the use of subtitles