About Streamio

Streamio is a Swedish-developed Video On Demand and Live Streaming platform that complies with GDPR requirements, without the involvement of US subcontractors according to the Schrems II ruling. A complete platform for businesses and organizations that want to manage and publish video, podcasts and live broadcasts. Streamio is easy to use and customize as needed.

Public sector

Streamio has helped municipalities, government agencies and museums improve their communication through GDRP-secure live streaming and on-demand video publishing. 

Private sector

With our platform, everything from small to large global companies have simplified their video management. Streamio is complete with features to manage and quickly publish video and live broadcasts in high quality, accessible and secure, on intranets, on websites or social media.


Streamio is a product from Rackfish AB that since 1999 has helped companies and organizations to professionally, securely and cost-effectively reach out on the internet with operation for web and video. To ensure our todays customers’ need to meet the GDPR regulation, we have our own servers in data centers located in Uppsala and Stockholm, in Sweden. Streamio has become a natural part of Rackfish’s product portfolio that enables easy, secure publication of video online, of course adapted to accessibility according to WCAG 2.1 AA.

We have a long history in operations, web and video. Most of our employees have been with us for over 15 years, so even though we are a small company, we have enormous internal expertise. Together with our expertise, well-chosen suppliers, proprietary systems and proprietary infrastructure, we can guarantee a high-quality video platform with stable digital delivery, at a competitive price.

Streamio by Rackfish - Online video platform for GDRP compliant streaming

GDPR compliant video platform

With self-owned servers in Sweden and well-chosen subcontractors, your data is safely and securely stored and managed within the EU, fully GDPR compliant. We offer secure cloud services in Sweden, quality assured by Based in Sweden.

WCAG 2.1 AA Compatible Video Player

Accessibility is one of our major areas of focus, which is why we've made sure to create a video player that allows us to deliver an accessible, best-in-class video experience. In addition, we offer integrations that support autotransscription and AI-generated subtitles for increased accessibility.

Highest security

Of course, we offer security that satisfies the highest demands. SLL encryption is standard, two-factor authentication, choose to password protect specific movies, control who has access to your Streamio account, and much more.

Available support

We are always close at hand, with over 20 years of experience in web and streaming, we help you with all your questions. In addition, we have a large library of support articles.