Video Hosting in Europe

Host videos in a compliant way on an EU-based video platform

Choosing video hosting from EU

Video hosting is essential for any business that wants to engage its audience and drive conversions. With the rise of video content, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable and effective video hosting solution. In Europe, there is also vital to consider GDPR implications with almost all videos containing personal data (voices, faces, names, etc), and all viewers are forced to give up personal data (IP number, for example) to watch a video.

Choosing a European provider for video hosting is an easy choice!

Advantages of quality video hosting

One platform

With a video hosting platform, you manage and share videos. A good video host, like Streamio, handles live streams, on-demand videos, and audio content. With a video hosting platform, you can easily upload, organize, manage, and share your videos by embedding them in a website or channel or sending out direct links on your website.

The Best Video Hosting Platform

User experience

A reliable video hosting solution is critical to ensuring a successful video streaming experience without buffering or other issues. With transcoding that automatically adapts videos to the best quality settings for each viewer, a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience is provided. Don't miss out on a chance to improve your video hosting experience.

Video hosting for better user experience


Using a video platform for hosting videos provide advantages to your website's SEO. Video content increases visitors' time on your website and provides additional valuable content for search engines to index. It also helps improve your website's search engine rankings for specific keywords and phrases, increasing your website's visibility and traffic.

Video hosting for better SEO

Frequently asked Questions on Video Hosting

Video hosting is the process of uploading and storing your videos on a platform that allows you to share them with your audience.

Yes, it is usually possible to upload MP4 files to your web hosting and link those files on your page. However, it is usually not as good as using a video hosting service and might jeopardize your web hosting performance.

  • A shared web host usually has varying performance over time (due to “neighbors”). Videos are sensitive to varying performance.
  • A video uses a lot of capacity and might consume all resources (such as bandwidth).
  • The performance will not be as good as with a video hosting service since those use specialized streaming servers to deliver video.
  • Your hosting company may have opinions on the consumption videos incurred.
  • Your viewers might be annoyed with unnecessary traffic charges compared to streaming from a video host due to less effective buffering and caching.
  • A video player is needed to get advanced functions, the built-in HTML5 video player is limited.
  • There is no functionality for live-streams or recording.
  • Handling subtitles or other accessiblity features are usually harder.
  • A lot of thing, such as video SEO, is completly manual work.

A video hosting platform provides all the tools needed to upload (or live stream) video that is adapted to the viewers delivered from locations close to each viewer. It also provides tools for accessibility, publishing to different locations, SEO and more.

Youtube is a great channel for publishing videos to its audience, but it is unsuitable for publishing videos on websites. The Youtube brand can interfere, and viewers may be inclined to watch on Youtube instead. Youtube uses recommendations for other videos that may be offensive or competing, and it also collects user data about site visitors simply by existing on a webpage. This is complicated from a privacy perspective: have your users approved of being targeted and profiled for advertising? GDPR perspective: do you have grounds for giving away this data and moving it to a third country? And market perspective: do you want Youtube and Google to profile all your visitors and try to sell ads based on this?