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6 Reasons to use Streamio®

Streamio gives you all the features you need.

Everything tailored to make working with online video a breeze.

Let Streamio take care of the technology so your visitors can enjoy your videos.

Live-streaming included

Use Streamio’s smart live-streaming for your live-events. Stream where you want, with your preferred equipment. Even your smart-phone will do! Even your smart-phone will do, you’ll be streaming in no time.

live video
smart online video platform

Streamio - smart video streaming!

Streamio makes online video available for all to a reasonable cost and easy to manage! Smart, efficient, and easy to use. Publish to mail, text/SMS, intranets, websites and social media such as Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin! Everything included in our low-cost online video platform.

adapts video to different devices

Streamio works everywhere!

Streamio works in browsers and mobiles, and with nodes in 40 countries it works great everywhere! Even in expensive markets that others exclude like Japan, Australia, South Africa, and South America! Even in countries where social channels like Vimeo, Facebook, and Youtube are stopped (China is a good example!)

API for developing video applications

Use Streamio’s affordable platform to build your video services.
Our API allows you to build apps or webs that have the full access to
managing video without having to build video storage solutions, video encoding,
video distribution or players.

video platform API

Affordable Streaming

Streamio is a low-cost platform with great features that you won’t find from all of our competitors, such as:

  • Free test accounts – active for as long as you want
  • Distribution all over the world!
  • Encoding (adapting for different viewers) of videos included
  • Security for your intranet
  • Live broadcasting with recording to on-demand!
  • More features can be found here

Under “Why Streamio OVP?” you will find more great things about Streamio – or why to create a free test account and try it out for yourself!

Publish your video

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