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GDPR compliant, easy to use & accessible with everything you need

Why Streamio?

Streamio gives you all the features you need for managing online videos!
Everything you need to make your life easier, without having to learn a lot of technology.
Our platform takes care of everything, and makes it easy for you to comply with legal requirements for accessibility and GDPR.

All so you can get your movies out in record time, in a safe and accessible way!

Piggy Bank

Affordable Streamio

Streamio is a GDPR compliant platform with low costs and great features that you won't find at many of our competitors.

GDPR Compliant Streaming & Video

Streamio is one of the best tailored solutions for video, audio, and live streaming. We work actively together with our customers for the efficient and correct management of   the General Data Protection Regulation. If you want to read the full regulation, you can find it here, but below we summarize why Streamio is a safe choice for video and streaming:

  • You control publishing to 100%
  • We have a Standard Swedish Agreement for Personal Data (IT and Telecom Companies)
  • You retain full rights and ownership of all your content
  • We have few subcontractors and all have personal data processing agreements
  • Swedish contracting party, which owns the operating platform - no cloud services
  • Streamio can be used completely without foreign subcontractors
live video

Live-streaming included

A brilliant live stream is included in all Streamio plans. Stream where you want, with your preferred equipment. Even your smartphone will do! If you don't have any special equipment, you'll be up and running in a minute - just use your mobile!

Streamio - A smart video tool!

With Streamio, anyone can manage online video content at a low cost.
Easy to use – publish video and live broadcasts by email, SMS or intranets, websites and social media such as Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Streamio is easy to use.

The platform is focused on uploading, handling and publishing video, not technology!
With Streamio, you can stay focused on what's important - upload videos, customize your player and efficiently, securely and accessible!
smart online video platform

Accessible video

It is not only municipalities and other actors in the public sector that need to be inclusive. With Streamio, all your video content can become accessible and compatible with the Web Accessibility Directive - WCAG 2.1. Now even with automatically generated subtitles for your content!

Streamio works everywhere!

With Streamio Online Video Platform (OVP), videos are easily uploaded, published and played anywhere, anytime from any device — computers, tablets, and mobiles. Streamio is built to manage and distribute video in the most important channels:

  • Web pages
  • Announcements
  • Mobile video and
  • Social channels like Facebook or Youtube

Some social media sites like YouTube are censored in certain areas, such as China.
Other video platforms only provide good distribution in some regions while other parts of the world are at an additional cost.

Streamio works virtually everywhere, in all countries, always!

mobile and laptop compatible video works

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The system language in Streamio is English or Swedish.

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