Streamio is changing video players – important information.

Today there are four different video players available in Streamio:

  1. GO player (Player 1.0)
  2. JW Player 7 (Player 2.0)
  3. JW Player 8 (Player 3.0)
  4. Radiant Media Player (Player 4.0)

All clients who have not made an active choice is using “Streamio Player – Standard” based on JW Player 8.

JW Player has adviced us that they will raise the pricing so much that we would have to raise prices on our accounts, without offering any improved functionality or other advantages.

To avoid having to raise prices, we have integrated Radiant Media Player in Streamio. It is, in our opinion, an equally good player that we can provide for our customers without having to raise prices.

It is already possible to choose Radiant Media Player. We have also made some other improvements when integrating this new player. One is that we are now using “HLS”-streaming which can save bandwidth for our customers under certain conditions, and we have some more flexibility in the integration to Google Analytics.

Our next step is that we will remove the possibility to use JW PLayer.

Most users don’t have to change anything, and your users will not notice any significant changes. Our team is ready to help you and guide you through this process if you need assistance – please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss how we can be of assistance.


• April: information about changes
• If you have created a custom player, you can try changing to Radiant Media Player whenever you like to test the functionality.
•May 20, 2019: The Streamio Standard player will be changed from JW Player 8 to Radiant Media Player. JW Player will not be an active choice for new players.
• June 4th: Custom player created by customers will change from JW Player to Radiant Media Player. JW Player will be removed from Streamio.

Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this – use our web site chat or mail

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