Streamio OVP Updated

Today an update of Streamio Online Video Platform is release – here are some of the new features from this and some previous updates:

Replace videos

Sometimes one or more videos need changing and the video has been published to websites, maybe links to the video have been passed around and so on. New Streamio functionality allows changing the video in the Streamio platform and having it replaced everywhere it has been published, without any further updates.

New video player

Today we’ve published a new version of our video player. So far it is used when creating a new player (you can choose something else), and existing players can be changed to the latest version. We will change the Streamio standard player to use the new technology platform, but for now, custom players will be kept as is.

Streaming video player

The new player also marks a shift to a new streaming technology where we move from “progressive download” to “HLS.” HLS is a technology with video files that are divided into small pieces. HLS makes it easier to do things like changing quality mid-stream and can cut down on downloaded content while skipping around in a video for example.

Public download links

Sometimes downloading videos could be a requirement for users, and therefore we have function that makes a public link for downloading available that you can distribute to your users.

Password protect videos

Sensitive video can need a little extra protection, that’s why you can set a password on every video in Streamio and users are required to enter the right password before the video plays. Passwords are not by any means a 100% secure solution; please get in touch with us if you have security requirements and let us discuss your scenario!

Password protect videos

Unpublish videos

Finally, there’s a way in Streamio to remove, or unpublish, a video from all places where it has been made available, without actually deleting it in Streamio. If you choose to unpublish a video, it cannot be played anywhere, but it is still kept in Streamio and can be published again anytime you like.

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