Streamio channels – custom video channels now available!

Now Streamio features channels – a fast and easy way to build your own channels for online video content. Watch the video below where we create a custom channel in less than 60 seconds!.

Your own video channel in 60

Channels available now, in all plans without additional costs

Login to your Streamio account now and start exploring channels. There is no extra cost and you can create as many channels as you like, all with different looks and content. It’s easy to get started and your channels are automatically updated as you add videos to Streamio

Learn more about Streamio Channels

If you fancy a quick overview of the functionality before you begin, we have a new support article posted here: Using Streamio Channels

Go wild – create channels and test it out!

Don’t forget that you can create free test accounts in Streamio if you feel like testing without consequences. Click on your account name in the upper left corner when you are logged in to create a test account!

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact us and we will help you!