Live streaming for all customers and Live-channels released!

We’ve just released more great additions to Streamio.

First – we have gradually enabled live-streaming on all paid accounts. So now it is easy to test live-streaming if you haven’t already!

As you might already seen we’ve also recently added functionality for channels in Streamio:

  • Free Channels in all accounts
  • Design channels with logo and pictures
  • Super easy publishing to different channels
  • Easy way to share Streamio accounts between departments or clients
  • Updates automatically as you add videos to Streamio
  • Live streaming to selected channels

Now we have also released live-streaming to channels so that a channel can contain both live and on-demand video content.

Create lot’s of channels

No matter if you are managing video for different departments or purposes, or if you have clients you manage video for It’s easy to select where your live-streams are published. Create separate channels for each purpose and when you live stream, select to which channel this is done.

Create a video channel in 1 minute

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