Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

There are a lot of questions about the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, also known as WCAG   (Shorten from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) in these times and we at Streamio together with our suppliers have made many major and minor changes to make it easier for our customers covered by this.

It is not only the public sector, but also companies in certain publicly funded activities that need to adjust to WCAG. As well as companies that deliver to the public. 

In general, it makes sense for most companies to immerse themselves in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and try to adapt digital communication as far as possible – there are many benefits to it (just think of the example that an accessible video with subtitles works to watch in environments where you can’t have the sound on!).

Another aspect of available video is that it’s great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – search engines don’t index content in audio and video, but they can index, for example, transcriptions!

Available video player with subtitles and transcriptions

We have compiled the situation, what you need to know about available video, where Streamio stands and what we are working on on our own page – Streamio accessibility adaptation and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

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