Important information about Larix Broadcaster

Streamio has been recommending and using Larix Broadcaster as a reliable tool for streaming from mobile devices for a long time. Recently, Larix has updated its terms of use, which brings changes to the use of the product.

Changes to the terms of use

In addition to the continuous and active development of the Larix Broadcaster with exciting features, the company has now introduced restrictions on the use of the free version. A logo will appear after live-streaming for 30 minutes, and the broadcast will be interrupted after 60 minutes.

Impact on users

We recommend purchasing a license for those who wish to continue streaming longer than 30 minutes with Larix Broadcaster. At the time of writing, the license cost is 129 SEK per month in Sweden (9.99 USD in the USA), which we consider very reasonable given the product’s active development and high level of expertise.

Alternatives to Larix

Larix is our favorite mobile streaming-app thanks to compelling features along with very reliable streaming that makes us still recommend this software for mobile streaming. For those seeking a free option, consider trying the Streamlabs mobile application. Read more about Streamlabs and how to set it up.

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