Embed Streamio video in Notion

Notion support for embedding Streamio videos!

Notion video embedding is now enabled for Streamio shortcodes. This makes it super-easy to embed video content from your Streamio account quickly.

The powerful tools in Notion make it possible to build systems to manage your video content easily.

For example, social media calendars come to life with the possibility of watching videos in Notion. Excellent for both planning and retrospect.

Another example could be to use Notion to build information systems for producers to store all possible information about videos (or clips) about clients, equipment, locations, actors, etc.

With Streamio supported, video in Notion is just as easy as dropping a short code in your documents. Since Streamio videos are streamed, they do not take up any space on Notion or web servers, and it is always fast and reliable.

If you are unfamiliar with Notion, it’s a relatively easy-to-use platform for taking notes that could be structured in different ways. Notion can present data as calendars, boards, galleries, lists, or timelines, and the same data can be used and displayed in all these ways. Notion is a highly versatile tool for project management, notes, and todo-lists. Notion works both as a personal and business tool with multiple users.

Although Notion has a steep learning curve, it is a powerful tool for non-programmers that makes building quite advanced solutions possible.

Learn more about Notion here.

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