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Create your own player with API and GoPlayer

Create your own player with API and GoPlayer

Create your own customizations

If you want to customize your player’s design or add new functionality, then you can look at our site for your own development, There you will find open-source video player and some useful libraries. Anything is possible to do.

Go Player

Go Player is a modern open-source video player written in ActionScript 3, with a focus on good code and simplicity. On you will find general information about skins, rtmp streaming, progressive downloads, buffering, keyboard controls and much more.


Note that Streamio’s built-in player has a fallback for HTML5. —
If you want to make a custom player and use HTML5 fallback, we recommend looking at what the solution looks like in Streamio’s own player, see


When creating your own player in Flex or similar, it is important to know that statistics code must be included for the statistics to appear in Streamio’s interface, see

Google Analytics

To get the support for Google Analytics available in Streamio’s players in your own player, please refer to Google’s own documentation, see


The RESTful API gives you secure access and full control over all essential parameters – movies, images, encoding settings, and more.


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