Create Video Libraries with Archive Player

How do I create Video Libraries where I can publish videos dynamically to a player, like a web-tv channel?

Archive Players work as a web-tv channel where one published player on a website can contain many movies – and the selection of movies can be updated on Streamio without touching the website.

A video library is comprised of one or more Playlists and an Archive Player.

4 Simple steps to building your own Video Library:

1) Create a Playlist using Tags

2) Create and configure an Archive Player

3) Add one or more Playlists to your Archive Player

4) Publish your Video Library

If you add the selected tag (or remove) from videos they will appear in the connected playlist (or playlists) and in the Archive Player.

1. Create a Playlist using Tags

Go to your Playlist Library.

Click on the ”Create New Playlist”-button.

Give your new Playlist a ”Title” and select the Tags you want your Playlist to be built with.

Save your new Playlist by clicking ”Create Playlist

Your Playlist will now be created and include all videos that contain the tag(s) you have specified for your Playlist.

2. Create and configure an Archive Player

Go to your Player Library .

Hover over the ”Create New Player”-button and select  ”Archive Player”.

Note that you can select between two different players in Streamio, the old Go Player and the new JW Player. JW Player is recommended and best supported!

Give your Archive Player a “Title”, select a template (vertical/horizontal) and customize your color theme and controls .

Save your settings by clicking the ”Create Player”-button

3. Add one or more Playlists to your Playlist Player

Go to the Player Library and click on the title of your Playlist Player.

Go to the ”ASSIGN PLAYLISTS” section and add the Playlists you want to include in your archive player

4. Publish your Archive Player

In the ”PUBLISH” section of your Archive Player, click the “PREVIEW”-button to make sure your Video Library works and looks the way you want.

Copy the EMBED-code and paste it in the section on your website where you would like your Video Library to be inserted.


When you publish your web page, your new Video Library will now appear on your site in the location where you inserted the Embed-code.

If you want to create more Video Libraries you can simple repeat the 4 steps above. Good luck!