Automatic subtitles with Amberscript in Streamio

Great news for accessibility in Streamio

Our technicians and developers are continuously working to develop new features in Streamio and we are proud to present one of the most requested features: automatic subtitles . This is a continuation of our work to maintain the position as one of the most accessible video platforms.


With the help of Amberscript, it is now possible to create subtitles automatically for your videos on Streamio. After the text has been automatically created, you can perfect the text yourself and correct any errors in Amberscript’s excellent editor. You can also choose to have the subtitle handled manually by a human if you require a text that is 100% correct right away. Amberscript is a Dutch supplier of subtitles that delivers to SVT, SKR, Netflix, the Swedish Government Offices, and Malmö University, among others. Amberscript is an ISO-certified companies in the EU that take GDPR seriously.

Never before has it been this easy to meet the requirements of digital accessibility with the integration of Amberscript!

Amberscript’s technology easily creates subtitles for all your Streamio content. You simply upload your video as usual to Streamio. From the Streamio platform, you set the necessary settings and then you enable automatic subtitles through Amberscript for the videos you want subtitled. After about half the length of your video, the subtitle is complete, that is, the subtitle takes 5 minutes for a video in 10 minutes. The software saves your valuable time by automatically generating and placing subtitles on your video. Of course, there is an intuitive editor so you can improve the subtitle yourself on the few occasions needed and the software is adapted to comply with all the accessibility requirements available so you don’t have to worry about WCAG 2.1.

Automatic subtitles currently works for 39 languages, including Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, English and of course Swedish.

Learn more about automatic subtitles and get an account on Amberscript to get started!

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